Why has my account been disabled?

Your account has probably been disabled for violating the terms of our website.

Reasons include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating or using multiple user accounts on a single computer or household.
    • We have a strict "one account per household" policy.  If multiple accounts are detected on the same computer, then one or both of them could be automatically disabled.
  • Invalid offer submissions
    • If your account regularly submits non-working coupons, it will be disabled.
  • Spam
    • Any activity we deem as spam (including votes, comments, coupons) will result in your account being permanently disabled.
  • Inappropriate conduct
    • Any obscene language or harassing comments towards other users
  • Other
    • We reserve the right to disable your account for any reason we see fit, which may or may not include one or more of the above.

If you feel your account has been disabled in error, you may contact us by clicking the Chat icon on the lower right corner of this page.  Please provide as much details has possible as to what you did to cause your account to be disabled, and why you believe it should be reinstated.  Be sure to include your correct username and email address.